Finely crafted, a work of art
The English word "Opal" is derived from the Latin Opalus,
It means "combining the beauty of gems"
The ancient Roman natural scientist Pliny once said: "On an opal stone, you can see the flames of rubies, the color spots like amethyst,
and the green sea like emeralds. It is colorful, integrated and beautiful."

The brand new NERO OPAL series is based on this design concept,
Opal's multi-level product texture design polishes the original single product art into diamond sections with multiple angles,
The integration of ambient light projection will add endless visual experience to your space,
Every face is beautiful and every detail is meticulously crafted.
Finely Crafted, a Work of Art
carving technology
Innovative cutting technology
makes every piece being shining

Making the bathroom space very artistic
Coating Technology
Technology allows products to
exude lasting charm
4 available
Graphite / Brushed Bronze
Brushed Gold/ Brushed Nickel
Creating unpredictable light
and shadow art
The face is exquisite
and dazzling
It shows the exquisite artistic
value of opal
let’s find out
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