About Us

We think in terms of life itself and people’s needs
What bathrooms mean to people.

A private space where you can be truly alone,
Be yourself as you want, entertain yourself, relax, think,
Become fun in this small space.

at the same time,We also explore the existence of sanitary products as daily necessities, and pursue the relationship between such things and people.
Realizing that the meaning of ideal daily necessities should be a long-term company,
Classic and durable, yet beautiful
Be part of life in a comfortable experience,
Become a witness to a better life.

This is NERO,
A luxury bathroom brand that interprets artistic beauty in a minimalist way.

Exquisite workmanship with classical and sturdy quality
We adhere to the principle of making the best use of everything. At NERO, we believe the more frequently we use them, the more necessary we need to make them classical and durable.

Equality of craft & art
The mountains, rivers and lakes of the nature, and the captivating ideas fascinate our sights in design are all the sources of inspiration for our creation. We are committed to making NERO,including every product of the series, reveal the beauty and art in everyday life, and the long-term accompany of people with goods will be more naturally pleasant. Meticulous selection of materials are combined extremely carefully,during the manu-facturing process. At the same time, we pay close attention to the craft, making it simple and beautiful, which adheres to the purpose of the design, that is,exquisite tapware for you.

For every consumer of Nero products, we aim to use our;
PASSION to have a better response to every request.
HEART to make insights into the people in the bathroom space.
STYLE in conducting research design.
QUALITY to continuously improve our product.
LOVE to make every product feel its vision and unique charm in daily use.

NERO believes in Constant Evolvement
Our NERO team are meticulously selected professionals who agree with our corporate culture and initial goals. Our team are hardworking, intelligent , caring individuals who play to their talents, to together create every part of our company, and make our products exquisite, delicate and excellent quality. We keep improving our training system, assessment method at all levels.

Designed with nature in mind.
Eco-friendly Sourcing
We try to reduce waste and pollution in the process as much as we can, with efforts from raw materials use to finished products. We also constantly introduce new scientific and technological to save resources, so that each product in the process of use can boast better saving water resource.