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How Nero Tapware is leading the way on a foundation built on family values, quality and eco-consciousness


Water is arguably the most valuable and essential resource for life. Water, however, is a non-renewable resource, and its preservation is a defining part of the Australian psyche.      In this sunburnt country, drought is an enduring issue and, due to the consequences of climate change, likely to be more regular, harsher and longer in duration.

Bathroom and kitchen taps are among the most prominent places where water is used in construction projects. These fixtures play a fundamental role in everyday life, facilitating activities such as cleaning, cooking and drinking. Therefore, the specification of smart, high-quality and water-efficient tapware plays a critical role in the sustainability of any build.

Nero Tapware, the leading Australian designer of luxury kitchen and bathroom ware, understands that tapware is not just a source of water but an extension of our living spaces, its users, and the surrounding environment.

Sometimes we obsess over water efficiency and overlook the fact that a product’s entire life cycle and the manufacturer’s own ethics and practices also have a significant impact on a project’s overall sustainability. In the tapware category, Nero Tapware sets an example with their commitment to quality, efficiency, ethical business practices and eco-consciousness in their products and manufacturing operations. Below, we take a closer look at how Nero is making taps that are truly sustainable.

“Sometimes we obsess over water efficiency and overlook the fact that a product’s entire life cycle and the manufacturer’s own ethics and practices also have a significant impact on a project’s overall sustainability.”


Founded 11 years ago, Nero has evolved into a leading designer and manufacturer, offering a diverse range of products that spans from entry-level selections to high-end architectural designs. With a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, Nero has become a key player in the Australian market, boasting a reputation for excellence and reliability with products designed by a highly skilled team based in Victoria.

Nero’s operational strength extends beyond its product range, encompassing a robust logistical network. The company operates with a team of 32 employees in Australia and boasts a fully automated distribution centre located in Victoria, complemented by a smaller facility in Western Australia. Remarkably, Nero maintains an impressive six months’ worth of supply for all 2700 products it manufactures, demonstrating its dedication to meeting market demands efficiently and seamlessly.

Rooted in family values, Nero is family-owned and operated by the family in China, where its manufacturing facility commenced operations in 2004, covering an expansive 53,000 square metres. The facility was founded almost 20 years ago and today boasts a suite of high-end capabilities that lie at the heart of Nero’s outstanding quality.

Demonstrating a commitment to employee well-being, Nero built accommodation for its staff, ensuring they did not have to travel long hours to work each day. Today, of the company’s 256 staff, many of whom have been long-serving members, only a small number still live at the facility. Since its early days, Nero has not only fostered a sense of community but has also allowed employees the opportunity to purchase land within the province.

The company’s emphasis on employee care extends to daily life, as all staff are provided breakfast and lunch prepared by an in-house chef, contributing to an environment with very minimal staff turnover where employees are treated like extended family.

“ Since April 2023, Nero has already transitioned all its drinking water products to low-lead materials. This initiative was completed well ahead of the 2026 deadline, providing the design and construction industry with ample time to ensure their new builds are safe and compliant.”


Nero’s manufacturing facility includes a Machine Workshop and CNC Centre equipped with the latest innovation in machining craft, enabling the company to achieve exquisite precision in creating their signature designs. The Automatic Polishing Centre boasts advanced robotic polishing capabilities, and the PVD Plating Workshop brings the latest in Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) technology into the process—both are central to the products’ sleek and enduring finish that comes with a 10-year warranty.

Quality, durability and sustainability go hand in hand. PVD coatings can last for over 10 years if applied and maintained correctly. Furthermore, PVD is a relatively environmentally friendly process compared to other coating methods. There are no volatile organic compounds in the coating process, and the end product is fully recyclable due to the low metal layer thickness.

Over recent years, Nero has moved away from traditional plating technology and is using more and more PVD technology on their product finishes. The company is also developing 316 stainless steel material, eliminating electro plating, which means its products will be fully PVD finished, passing on sustainability benefits to the design and construction industry, homeowners and the general public.

Another aspect that Nero focuses on is water efficiency. Studies show that savings on water, energy, and carbon emissions can be achieved through the installation of water efficient devices. To this end, it is important to choose water-efficient products with the help of the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme water rating label.


Sustainable development is closely linked to health and wellbeing outcomes. The quality and design of the built environment can have significant public health impacts, particularly when it comes to products and materials that come into contact with drinking water.

In Australia, low-level lead contamination is widespread, largely attributed to brass tap fittings. This finding is supported by various studies, including a large-scale study of water samples from kitchen taps in 212 homes across New South Wales.

Given the negative health effects of lead, especially on infants, there have been efforts to update the National Construction Code (NCC) to introduce a limit for the allowable level of lead in plumbing products used for drinking water. This change has been included in the 2022 edition of the NCC, which effectively prohibits the use of copper alloy plumbing products containing more than 0.25% lead in a plumbing system used to convey drinking water from 1 May 2026.

Since April 2023, Nero has already transitioned all its drinking water products to low-lead materials. This initiative was completed well ahead of the 2026 deadline, providing the design and construction industry with ample time to ensure their new builds are safe and compliant.


Sustainable manufacturing requires companies to evaluate ways to make their production operations cleaner and eliminate waste while maintaining cost efficiency. All aspects of the product life cycle should be considered—from the sourcing of the raw materials through to when the product is delivered to the customer and beyond.

Leading tapware manufacturers, such as Nero, have realised the benefits of improving their end-to-end manufacturing practices. Examples include the increase in brass recycling. The company also recycles all the waste water created as a byproduct of its manufacturing, reusing it in different areas of its operations. In addition, their energy strategy involves the use of solar panels in their warehouses and offices, reducing their dependency on fossil fuel energy.

This eco-friendly mindset extends to all other parts of Nero’s operation. Their packaging is designed and used efficiently to minimise waste. The company also finds ways to creatively use and reuse excess materials, such as turning excess cartons into cushioning materials or using eco-friendly materials to build up their exhibition stands.


Stringent quality control and testing are the foundation of all of Nero’s manufacturing practices. Products undergo meticulous assessment at every stage of production and are 100% leakage tested, ensuring long-lasting tapware for the Australian market. The company only uses the highest quality materials, such as the highest quality DZR (dezincification resistant) brass, that are proven for their durability and corrosion resistance.

Nero’s dedicated and highly skilled team of craftspeople honours every part of the manufacturing process. There is human involvement at every stage to ensure each component is carefully handled. With all the product components manufactured at the same facility, the Nero range achieves consistency in quality and finish, regardless of the collection or batch.

It does not matter whether the product is a shower head, floor grate, or NDIS care product; the colours, finish and functionality always present a considered, unified and cohesive look and experience, enabling designers and specifiers to create harmonious and refined interiors.


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